rita zietsma photography

Rita Zietsma Photography

Welcome to my site!! So glad you stopped by!.

I am Rita, and here’s a little bit about me.

I love chocolate! (if it’s mint chocolate it’s even better!!)

I love soccer and biking and skiing – and next to those – well – most activities and sports!

I love people – and faces – which has led me to capturing personalities and passions through my lens!

I love to travel – check out some of my shots in the Portfolio – Travel Photography!!

I love to share my passion – hence I teach camera and photo courses. It is so fun sharing a love for photography with others who have the same interest, and helping them to achieve their vision as they learn more about the camera and about photography. My students’ success is my reward.

I am also a graphic designer. My knowledge of Photoshop has allowed me to take my photography to a whole new level. Not every image is photoshopped, but sometimes turning the photograph into a piece of art is just as exciting as taking the photo itself.

I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy creating them.

Photo Credit: Thanks to Ron Clifford for taking this photo of me!!! You rock.

And my chocolate fest is a selfie!!